Perri A. Reid (AKA Pebbles)

Perri A. Reid (AKA Pebbles) is an international entertainer & music executive.
When we collaborated with Reid’s team we realized it was important to ensure her offline image was reflected in her online presence. Among other items, we were tasked with highlighting a portion of her journey through her ministry.

The Project

For more than 8 years we have worked with Perri Reid and her team and continue to improve her online presence with modern design and current technology. To complement the growth of Perri’s ministry and career, our role was expanded to include developing a multi-site network.

We used the latest technology to develop the multi-site network which consists of five complete websites. In addition to creating an online e-commerce store, we also provided video production services.

Project Details

Client: Perri “Pebbles” Reid
Type: Web Design
Hosting: WorksOnline.Host
Skill:s LAMP, HTML5, CSS3, JS